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Dear California car modders [23 Mar 2009|10:41pm]
Please make this my truck's horn.

K. Thx. Bai. eeeeeyeaahhhh!
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Project Chaboo [14 Mar 2009|12:59am]

And the rest of my photos on flickr from www.projectchaboo.com
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life has been that crazy lately [06 Mar 2009|06:58pm]
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Π [09 Jan 2009|11:10pm]

The vacation? Marvelous.
The parents? Loved.
The pies? Eaten.
Sorry peeps. You snooze you lose!!!

p.s. I think that picture is utterly ridiculous, and utterly perfect.  (like the pies!)
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Electric Picnic [03 Sep 2008|06:50pm]
Rock n RollCollapse )
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5 x 6 [05 Jun 2008|10:52pm]

Playing catch up.
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What Do You Have To Say? - I'm Taking It With Me [12 Jan 2008|11:47pm]
If you lived on a deserted island and could only have one photograph, which one would it be?

When I try to escape from the island I'd show it to the sharks to confuse them.
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Massive Bamboo Furniture Website update. [16 Apr 2007|04:48pm]
So if you have a few grand to burn and love designer bamboo furniture then go check out Tomita design.build. Ken is an old friend from college who has been a road trip buddy and art fiend (friend?) for several years. When he asked me to webmaster for his site promoting his work, how could I refuse? And just in case I came up with some reason he bribed me with his mom's gourmet Japanese cooking. Behind the cut is a detailed list as to the products he currently has available as well as a link to some of his art as well.

Cool stuff.Collapse )
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beats and the Book [06 Jan 2007|01:36am]
[ mood | None, or other: ;D ]

I came across Relevant Revolution today. What is Relevant Revelations? They mix sermons to house music. Uhhh... they do. Seriously. For example, Alistair Begg's Christ and Kingdom. I haven't listened to many others yet, but those were su-weet. Both for his message and how the words become lyrical when mixed the way they were.

You can also download all the Gospels as well as Hebrews and Revelation.

P.S. Candy, this is better than the Nelly Remix. HoNEST! (Plus you can get many MB of shtuff for you new iPod.)

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Another Oregon Hot Spring update. [28 Dec 2006|01:59am]
The Oregon Hot Spring site has gotten another three pages added to it. BEHOLD~!

Breitenbush Hot Springs This place is a sustainable living commune and retreat facility. Much of the heat is geothermal and there are a number of soaking pools. Spiffy.

Echo Rock Hot Spring A hot spring located on the roadless portion of the Owyhee Reservoir, you have to hike __GASP__ or boat there. How's that for a remote hot spring?

Speaking of remote... Whitehorse Hot Spring is probably close to taking the cake in Oregon, although you can drive right up to it and slip on in. Enjoy!

Now with 33% more big white arrows! (Echo Rock Hot Spring)
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The line has been out the door since 7. [16 Dec 2006|09:01am]
The Oregon Photography Tour site is getting close to being presentable. There aren't really any pages beyond the first although there will be in the near future. What's it all about? A site for the 'rents so they can take people all about the South Eastern Oregon wilds.

To what shall I liken a Tully's with electricity in Bellevue? Dunno. (Think long lines and lots of fleece. Disneyland for yuppie coffee addicts?) What I do know is that it's fun to see how people emerge from their morning routine sans power. Makeup applications suffer.
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It's the Hot Springs of Oregon Extravaganza! [30 Nov 2006|12:37am]
[ mood | h-u-n-g-e-r-y ]

Ok, so it was high time that I made some updates to the hot spring site, and wouldn't ya know it, I did! I'll get jiggy with a detailed break down over the course of days and you'll probably all get bored with it, but... uh... deal?

Here's the full list of springs and changes in brief:

  • Alvord Hot Spring - Located on the western edge of the Alvord Desert.

  • Austin Hot Spring - A steamy that needs to be mixed with river water in order to be comfortable.

  • Bagby Hot Spring - Probably one of Oregon's most famous 'free' hot springs. Very well maintained.

  • Barry Ranch Hot Spring - A remote and nominal spring as it's a test well.

  • Foley or Belknap Hot Spring - Campground, RV spots, and lodge, Belknap is equipped to handle conference center type needs or it can provide a bed & breakfast setting.

  • Bigelow Hot Spring - This is a little pool accessible when the McKenzie River isn't too high.

  • Blue Mountain Hot Spring - An historical turn of the century wellness destination, still in operation.

  • Cougar or Terwilliger Hot Springs - A series of pools cascading down a forested hill from one upper spring.

  • Crane Hot Spring - A rustic commercial venture located south east of Burns, Crane offers RV, cabin and campsites.

  • Crump Hot Spring - A defunct geyser that was once the largest continuously erupting one in the U.S. Nearby Fisher Hot Spring offers a suitable soak.

  • East Lake Hot Spring - These are lakeside springs that need to be mixed with East Lake to create the right temperature.

  • Fisher Hot Spring - A hot spring in the remote high desert that's often collected in a solitary claw foot bathtub.

  • Hart Mountain Hot Spring - A well preserved spring on Hart Mountain's antelope refuge.

  • Hot Lake Springs - This place is neat. It's recently been reopened after restoration (ongoing)

  • Hunter's Hot Springs Resort - A hotel, ballroom, and dining facility with the Pacific Northwest's only continuously spouting geyser.

  • Jonesboro Hot Spring - This spring is actually on private property. Sorry! (I got an aerial photo of it though).

  • Juntura Hot Spring - An island spring that is rather scenic and remote. Still, worth the trip.

  • Kitson Hot Spring - Once a hot spring / bathhouse, it no has become a bat sanctuary. Strange but true.

  • Kropp Hot Spring - This fellow is still a bit of a mystery spring to me. It may be unusable.

  • Lehman Hot Spring - Another of the old resorts, this one is likewise fully functional and offers numerous geothermal swimming pools.

  • Luce Hot Spring - Another remote spring, from the aerial photos it looks like it's setup to form dehydration pools for mineral collection.

  • McCredie Hot Spring - A river spring and popular spot just off Highway 58 en route to Eugene.

  • Mt. Vernon Hot Spring - Once a holistic 19th Century resort, the main structure was lost in a fire and is now private property.

  • Olene Gap Hot Spring - A nominal spring. Mostly unusable.

  • Paulina Lake Hot Springs - Just West of East Lake, Paulina Lake has its own series of springs on the north east rim.

  • Radium Hot Spring - Radium is now on private property and like Mt. Vernon, was a resort destination that fell victim to fire.

  • Snively Hot Spring - Another hot spring / creek combo, a little fiddling may be required in order to get soakable temps.

  • Summer Lake Hot Springs - A throw back to the 1920s western days, Summer Lake Hot Springs original pool and structure now offer cabins, RV, and campsites.

  • Umpqua Hot Spring - An impressively scenic, cliff side spring that over looks the North Umpqua River.

  • Wall Creek Hot Spring also called Meditation Pool - Named such for its old growth setting and softly burbling creek nearby.

  • Weberg Hot Spring - The minerals produced via evaporation from this spring are used in kitty litter.

Didn't really end it on a high note there, but you know... whatevs.
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today was one of those days... [11 Aug 2006|12:07am]
[ mood | awake ]

You know the kind, where you see a woman wearing a half chicken suit thing and a guy in a gi in a rap video, oh, and walking out the door to this:

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who what where when why [07 Aug 2006|07:29pm]
[ mood | Into another dimension. ]

All these boats and everywhere to go.
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The Getty Center [01 Aug 2006|09:34pm]
[ mood | photo-ed ]

Here's a better shot of the aforementioned--and pictured--flower drawing. That was actually a pretty entertaining part of my day at the Getty.

And the individuals...Collapse )
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Two Austrian and a pack o' pastels. [30 Jul 2006|12:15am]
[ mood | A day well spent. ]

Gesture drawing of Plastic Flowers.

(You can't make gesture drawings of flowers!)

Says you.

I made my way up to the Getty this Saturday and spent the whole day frolicking amongst the art. I suppose I should have left this picture there, but I rolled it up and took it home with me. Maybe I'll return it in a week or so. Oh! The Getty is freeeeee. Score. And the bus ride up there is only a buck. That would be another score.

(And those kids replaced the Austrians. And the little girl kept looking at me when she was drawing. But if she was drawing my then my head looks like a big sunflower.)

P.S. More Getty photos to come.
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To appease the Bureau of More Pictures, Less Words. [31 Jan 2006|01:15am]
[ mood | I hear so many cry for help ]

The Sea Ranch Chapel

     While on my bike I came across some places so remarkable that stopping became obligatory. The Sea Ranch Chapel was one such place, if not THE place that I remember best. The rest of the text is from the handout found in the chapel.

Dedicated December 8, 1985Collapse )
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[05 Jan 2006|07:10pm]
[ mood | fauna ]

The lil lizard cops a 'tude.Collapse )
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[26 Dec 2005|10:35pm]
[ mood | merrymade ]

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O' Agave Tree... [23 Dec 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | seasonal ]


O Agave Tree! O Agave Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging.
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